A Beginners Guide to Decorating

A Beginner’s Guide to Decorating Sustainably

Take it one step at a time

Sustainability come from minor changes over time, not throwing everything away and replacing it all at once. One of the core principles of sustainability is using high quality materials that have a low impact in the environment and last a long time, so you don’t have to constantly replace them. Instead of regularly redecorating an entire room, it can be more sustainable to invest in a few higher quality, timeless pieces that don’t rely on the current trends to be stylish.

Focus on What You Can Control

Unless you’re sourcing and making all of your home décor yourself (which if you are, color us impressed!) there will always be somethings that you can’t control. There is no way to be the perfect sustainable shopper, so don’t feel bad about working with what’s available to you. You may be limited by your budget, your taste, the amount of space you have to work with, etc. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a few small changes that help the environment.

Learn What to Look For

First look at the materials they use to make their products. Fabrics like hemp and mud-cloth have a lower carbon-footprint than something like polyester. Second, look at how transparent the company is being about its manufacturing processes and material sourcing. Companies that capitalize on green washing will often hide where and how their products are made.

At Urban Re-Leaf Home, all of our textiles are hand-selected for their beauty, sustainability, and uniqueness. We believe in making eco-friendly home décor accessible to everyone, whether you’re a sustainability pro, or just beginning your journey into eco-conscious design.

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