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  • Ecelctic Design Ideas

    Intriguing. Deep. Multilayered. Surprising. Yes, the eclectic design sytle evokes a whole host of superlatives that belie its wily nature. Sure, it's a riotous juxtaposition of color and texture, old and new, and high and low—a study in contrasts that allows one's unique personality to shine and the freedom to think outside the box. But if you think this freewheeling style of decorating is an "anything goes" free-for-all, then think again. It's also one of the trickiest styles to get right.
  • How to set up Throw Pillow Arrangements!


    This is my personal favorite arrangement for sofas and sectionals. And I’m basing this on the need for both pretty and practical.

    We’ve all seen sofas stacked with lots of elegant, fluffy pillows and they’re gorgeous, right?! But have you ever tried to sit on one of those sofas! There are too many pillows and you end up perched at the edge, sitting on the only remaining sofa space left!

    Personally, I like sofas with enough pillows to add character and style, but not so many that there’s no space to sit or no place to move the pillows should you want to make more space for yourself.

  • My Favorite Vintage stores in Los Angeles

    I’ve currently been LOVING vintage furniture pieces and home decor! I’ve been using them as a source of inspiration for projects and DIYs. Los Angeles has some amazing vintage furniture stores. While they tend to be on the pricier side, it’s still fun to window shop and get ideas! I wanted to share some of my favorite spots, so next time you’re visiting LA or need some inspiration- check out the below:
  • Tips on Eco-Friendly Design

    Tips on Eco Friendly Design

    Fortunately, it’s easy to be green. In fact, you’ll be well on your way with a few insightful sustainable interior design ideas. Moreover, residential, commercial, and industrial spaces can benefit equally from eco-design. 

  • 4 Ways to Proudly Display one of a kind textiles

    Textiles are all around us. And we’ve become so accustomed to their common everyday use, their beauty is often taken for granted. Instead, the next time you come across gorgeous hand painted batik fabrics or Moroccan textile prints, give it some justice. Take the one-of-a-kind piece and incorporate it into your home. Stumped with ideas how to do so? Here are six ways you can proudly display your textiles.
  • Three Tips for Bold Color Decorating

    Three Tips for Bold Color Decorating

    Bold colors call to some people like a siren song while others fear those slashes of color. No need to shy away. Decorators agree on many small ways to use bold colors in decorating any space.