Mud Cloth Plant Cover - Nova

  • $28.00
  • $28.00

Introducing our Mudcloth plant covers. It is time your plants had a design of their own.  We use the same mud cloth that we use for our pillows.  The inside contains hemp cotton muslin fabric which can  be pulled out easily and spot cleaned. 

Outside shell- Mudcloth

Inside shell - Hemp cotton 

Faux patch on the side


SMALL: 4" diameter / 6" Tall

MEDIUM: 6 " diameter/ 6" Tall

LARGE: 8" diameter / 7 " Tall

X-Large: 10.5 diameter/ 10" Tall

This mudcloth plant cover is one of today’s much sought after décor accents, wonderfully tribal, boho and modern all at the same time. 

This is 100% authentic mudcloth imported from Mali Africa, handmade using carefully curated material by true African artisans. 

You will love adding this punch of genuine global style to your décor

- Due to the nature of this type of handmade homespun textiled there may be small imperfections, discolorations or inconsistencies.

- We try to use every piece of this beautiful textile, the orientation may be different from the listing images. 

Picture may differ from actual product in terms of placement of the design and color variations that extist.

- Do not soak you plant cover. It is intended to be decorative.
- The use of terra cotta planters is not recommended
- Use of a drainage tray is highly recommended
- Do not place soil directly into basket