Design Trends and the Pandemic

By now, most people across the globe are sick of hearing about COVID-19, but the truth is, the pandemic has reshaped many things. It might surprise you to realize one area affected is interior design.

It’s common knowledge that for the past year people have been spending more time at home. Even if many businesses and events are no longer closed or cancelled, people take their health seriously. A huge number of industries have adopted “work from home” policies making telecommuting the standard for many jobs.

All this time at home has people giving more thought than ever to what they want “home” to be like.

Thanks to the pandemic:

  • Open living areas that have been popular need division and earthy colors are popular for tying work and school hubs together
  • Creative storage units like ottomans, sideboards and cabinets gain popularity in every room of the house
  • Rarely used guest rooms are being converted into the home office as many companies move to full- or part-time telecommuting
  • The need for multi-functional spaces have people adding desks to master bedrooms and children’s rooms
  • Stylish and ergonomic desk chairs outsell rockers and recliners
  • Open kitchens with large islands featuring integrated seating are the heart of the home

Design changes aren’t the only thing that’s been affected, either. More people than ever are using anti-microbial textiles, such as those created from hemp, to keep germs from proliferating.

Home has been where the heart is for centuries. Thanks to the pandemic, it’s become the office and the gym, too. With Urban Re-Leaf Home we have pillows that work with your office and your personal space.  Let's create different moods for different areas of the home.  This will make your home more appealing for your stay at home experience.  For a soothing experience you may want to go with one of our light blue pillows like the Liz or Saveen or if you are looking for something a little more bold, Zatana or Sabina may do the trick.  At Urban re-leaf home we try to give you various style choices from boho to the classics.




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