7 Ways Hemp is Better for You and the Environment

7 Ways Hemp is Better for You and the Environment

As more and more information about climate change and the state of our planet emerges, we are finding more and more reasons and ways to take action on reducing our carbon footprint and being more sustainable.

Did you know that one of these ways can be through your home? Through the textiles we have in our home, we can opt for natural and sustainable fabrics. One of the best natural fabrics is hemp. Here are just seven reasons why it should be added to your home.

Hemp is Anti-bacterial

Even if your home is properly sealed, humid summer days or smelly cooking can lead to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Not with hemp! Hemp contains antibacterial properties that prevent these things from spreading. And due to these antibacterial properties, hemp fabric last longer than other fabrics such as cotton and polyester.

It is 4x Stronger than Cotton

Hemp is one of those miracle fabrics that is not only light weight, but strong. With the wear and tear our homes can get, having a durable fabric is key. Even after multiple washes, hemp still retains its shape.

Hemp retains color better than other Fabrics

Overtime, most fabrics can lose their color, especially when placed directly in the sun. Hemp is different. Not only does it absorb and hold dyes super easily, but it is also resistant to UV rays. That means no more faded fabric due to sun spots!

It Saves Water

While other textile crops like cotton use a lot of water in growing and producing, hemp requires virtually none! Hemp uses around 1/20th the amount of water that cotton uses. In fact, hemp can usually be rain-fed, saving tons of water that can be utilized for other purposes, making hemp a more sustainable choice.

It keeps the Soil intact

A lot of crops pull a lot of nutrients from the soil. This means that eventually, the soil will be stripped, and either fertilizer will need to be added, or new land will need to be developed to farm. Not hemp. Hemp not only keeps soil intact, but it can be grown practically anywhere. This means it is better for our land.

Hemp gets Softer with Use

When it comes to the home, touch is so important. You want textiles and upholstery that is soft to the touch. Not only is hemp soft to start, but it gets softer with age! This makes it the perfect fabric for that cozy home feeling.

Hemp uses Less Land

Land is precious. When it comes to other natural fibers such as cotton, this means lots of land use. Typically, only half the land to grow hemp is needed (verses cotton), and hemp can produce three to five times more fiber than cotton in the same area.

With all of these amazing benefits, it is easy to understand why hemp is so good for us and the planet. That’s why we offer hemp textiles, such as our hemp pillowcases. They are the perfect eco addition to any home.

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