Need Perfect Pillows? Four Things to Know

Nothing gives a room—whether bedroom, living room or home office—a finished look like the perfect throw pillow. Pillows accent specific furnishings and add a touch of personality with such a small financial investment.

Many people purchase pillows on impulse. That might work for the short term, but if you want to invest in pillows that won’t lose impact before the next season rolls around, there are four things to know about choosing the perfect pillow.


  • Size

Throw pillows come in a variety of sizes. Standard squares are either 18 or 20 inches. The smaller 18-inch square nests neatly on the typical sofa. If you’re hoping for a more casual feel that encourages lounging, consider oversize pillows in the 24-inch size.

To dress up a low-backed chair, you’ll want something smaller, like a 16-inch square, round pillows, or even something oblong. The key is not to overwhelm the base furniture.

  • Fill

The most popular and recommended fill for your pillow is feather and down. These have the most squish, but depending on the ratio of feathers to down, they can be pricey.

Foam and other synthetics give a stiffer feel, meaning they’ll hold their shape well, but won’t look as lush and inviting.

  • Odd Numbers and a Mixed “Pillowscape”

Yes, on the landscape of your sofa or bed, there is an ideal “pillowscape” and it always includes an odd number of pillows. This artful look could be one pillow on a chair or three or five pillows on a standard 88-inch sofa.

Mix matched square solids with a contrasting oblong pillow on your sofa for an easy combination. Be sure to use larger pillows on the end of your arrangement and work your way to the smallest in the center.

To play up the color of your upholstery, choose patterned, embellished or oddly shaped pillows in the same color or a bright contrast.

  • Texture

Tactile contrast is the least-considered of a throw pillows assets to home décor. Nubby linen against smooth leather enlivens a space. Shiny pillows on a fuzzy couch offer traction to keep pillows in place but also to imbue personality.

Think fringes and embroidery or even hand-painting to add a unique texture to a special accent throw pillow. A little texture goes a long way to warming up the décor with personality.

No pillow talk would be complete without  gentle reminder that the entire room is your pillow’s playground. The chair’s pillow doesn’t have to match the sofa’s grouping, but if it relates in style or color family, it gives the space a polished vibe.

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