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Your Sustainable Home Checklist

Sustainability starts at home. If each and everyone of us took the proper steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle our overall ecological footprint would reduce by leaps & bounds, creating a much more sustainable future. We’ve put together this sustainable home checklist to get you started, give you new ideas and keep you motivated to make a difference.


𝥁 Ditch Paper & Plastic - choosing cloth and glass options (napkins, towels, tissue, bags, storage containers etc.) instead of paper & plastic will not only prevent waste in our landfills, but it will also save you money in the long run. These options are also more durable and aesthetically pleasing, like these gorgeous 100% flax napkins from Rough Linen.


𝥁 Choose Plant Based Products - plant based detergents and cleaning products are non-toxic, making them safer for us and for the environment. Eliminating hazardous chemicals, paraffins and artificial fragrances from our homes will make us happier and healthier.


𝥁 Energy Star - when shopping for new appliances, electronics, heating & cooling systems and lighting look for the Energy Star label. Energy Star is a government run program that promotes energy efficiency by providing information on the energy consumption of products and devices.


𝥁 Renewable Energy - better yet, choosing renewable energy when at all possible allows us to use resources that are naturally replenished such as sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal heat. From solar panels to geothermal heat pumps, new renewable technology is presenting itself everyday.


𝥁 Recycle - this seems like an obvious suggestion, unfortunately only 32% of our country’s waste is recycled! Recycling is a great step to a sustainable future. So before you throw anything away ask yourself, “can it be recycled”?  If your municipality does not recycle a certain item or does not recycle at all, do your research. Terracycle is a great resource for recycling options for nearly everything.


𝥁 Compost - composting is another great way to recycle. Almost all non-animal food scraps can be composted and turned into soil. There are a ton of great countertop compost options for inside your home as well as tumblers and towers for your garden. If you live in an urban area and do not have a garden of your own, find a community garden that can reap the benefits of your kitchen scraps.


𝥁 Grow Your Own - you don’t have to live on a farm to grow your own food. Backyard, rooftop and container gardens all work wonders. Still not convinced, check out hydroponics. Tower gardens like The Farmstand from Lettuce Grow and even countertop options are popping up at retailers all over the country.



𝥁 Take Advantage of Your Downspouts - rain barrels are an amazing way to conserve water. They catch water from your roof, via your downspouts, and hold it for later use such as on lawns, gardens or even indoor plants. Rain barrels also help reduce the flow of storm runoff, which is often contaminated and flows directly into streams, lakes and other bodies of water nearby.


𝥁 Bring Outside In - houseplants boost productivity, reduce stress and help purify the air. There are some species that purify more than others and of course, the more the merrier. We love the Tough Stuff Collection classified as an “air cleaner” on Bloomscape.



𝥁 Low Flow - speaking of water, there are many great low flow options on the market. From faucets to toilets, showerheads to garden hoses, making a few simple changes to use water more efficiently, will save you money, help preserve water supplies and protect the environment.


𝥁 Choose Materials Wisely - last but certainly not least, choose your materials wisely. Whether it goes on your body or in your home, choose items that are made from organic, sustainable materials such as Urban Re-Leaf Home’s Stella Pillow. Made from hemp, it is eco-friendly, grown with very little pesticides and chemical fertilizers, hypoallergenic, UV resistant, anti-microbial and durable.


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