Three Tips for Bold Color Decorating

Bold colors call to some people like a siren song while others fear those slashes of color. No need to shy away. Decorators agree on many small ways to use bold colors in decorating any space.

Why? Bold colors draw attention. That’s one reason many people spurn them. But when used sparingly, bright primary colors or tropical prints will highlight specialty items in the same way a spotlight shines on a stage performer.

These three decorator-approved tips shine a spotlight right where you want it:

  1. Primary colors against a muted background

Consider a bright colored lamp in a room with beige walls. Or toss a red pillow on the neutral-tone recliner to bring a touch of warmth to your home. Vibrant colors make a special piece stand out.

A royal blue throw can offset the earthy tones of a sofa or bedspread. If you use two primary colors, it can brighten the whole room as much as a new coat of paint.

  1. Bright design patterns

A tropical getaway sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? In the same way that vacation soothes and calms a frazzled soul, adding tropical prints with bold, brilliant colors and patterns invites those feelings into your home. Adding vibrant greenery—think palm leaves—emulates the lush jungle foliage.

Want a contemporary vibe? A classic floral design in pink or burgundy on your pillows or rugs will do the trick. Stripes and geometric patterns are another great choice but choose purple, peacock or yellow to make them stand out.

  1. Go Bohemian

The Boho style pairs a neutral base with bright accents. The best Boho palette consists of earthy browns and metallics for the background. Then it goes crazy with bright jewel tones.

Think of saturating one wall with garnet red or emerald green. Then go crazy with varying prints that echo that choice. Toss a sapphire throw pillow on the animal print couch or chair, as long as the underlying hue is the same, you’re nailing the vibe.

When styling your space with bright colors, a little pop goes a long way to adding the artistic edge that demonstrates your personal flair. If you’re leery of going all-out Bohemian, find one piece that nails the style you want for your room.

Don’t turn away from that orange lamp shade or tropical throw pillow. They might be exactly the piece that gives your interior an artistic edge. Not to mention sending a spurt of joy through you every time you see that wildly original color.

Be bold. Be creative. Decorate with flair.  I you are ready to create your unique space then head over to  We offer various design styles from boho to modern to farmhouse to traditional.

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