Give Your Bedroom That Hotel Feel with Luxury Hotel Pillows


One of the best parts about traveling to an opulent hotel has got to be the bed. The crisp white clean sheets, the comfy matters, and the soft and fluffy pillows can take your stay to the next level. But traveling has become so much more complicated in the last year, and it may just not be possible to get that amazing hotel stay right now, so why not design your bed set at home to give you a similar feeling. Urban Re-leaf home thinks every night should be spent like you’re in a luxury hotel stay, that is why they created a line of sustainable luxury hotel pillows, so every night can be a 5 stars night.

Whether you read in bed with a cup of tea, relax while watching your favorite show, or simply rest, having a bed that is both stylish and comfortable is imperative. The pillows from Urban Re-Leaf Home give you just that. They bring a luxury boho vibe to any bed set, allowing you to mix and match prints or keep them uniform.

The Terra pillow, which is a handcrafted mud cloth from Mali, Africa, is 20 x 20 and has a hemp and cotton suede back, is a perfect design for the person who wants to keep their bedroom light and airy, like many hotel rooms are designed. It’s got a dynamic black square pattern that has been handwoven and a YKK brass zipper making it is both bohemian and sleek, making it the perfect pillow to complete your hotel bed for home.

The Ari pillow is the perfect accent for the customer looking to make their bed elegant while still being beachy. It comes in a variety of sizes, so you can mix it up with another design or get a few pillows with the same pattern but different sizes. The hemp pillow has a light blue hue and can go with just about any bedding, although we suggest keeping your sheets white to really get that luxurious hotel feel. The Ari pillow has a hemp cotton suede back, YKK brass zipper, and a faux leather patch. This pillow will make you feel like you’re staying at Shutters by The Beach every night.

Sustainability is important to Urban Re-Leaf Home. They pride themselves on having unique eco-friendly pieces that are long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and one of a kind. Their pillows are made with hemp and are handcrafted, hand-dyed, and hand-painted for a pillow that will make your bed look like bohemian hotel heaven. Customers are moving from mass-produced products to small-batch handcrafted goods. It is also clear that people want to be aware of where their products are being produced, that is why Urban Re-Leaf Home is so transparent about its production practices and values quality over quantity.

Make your bed into that of a luxury hotel’s, because you deserve to get a good night’s rest in a beautiful space.

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