Go Bohemian with These Five Simple Tricks

Go Bohemian with These Five Simple Tricks

Bohemian design blends multi-cultural layers of patterns and colors to bring visual interest to any room. As with most things, achieving this distinctive style can be harder than it looks.

If you’re looking to go a bit Boho in your personal space, here are five simple tricks to help you nail the look like you hired a pro.

  1. Begin with a Simple Base

While Boho looks haphazard, it needs the solid foundation of a simple base color. Warm, earthy tones provide the perfect canvas for painting an expressive mix without it becoming overbearing.

Want a soothing, harmonious feel? Choose a muted tone for the base. Brighter base tones can become chaotic and overwhelming in a short span, especially if you play up the next steps.

  1. Play with Patterns

Mix and match your favorite patterns of a similar style and hue. Whether you have a patterned rug or colorful throw pillow, have fun.

Staying consistent with a color theme prevents a disjointed feel so you can create a lush vibe with contrasting patterns, shapes, and styles. Top decorators suggest selecting darker colors like garnet red, emerald green, or deep amethyst.

  1. Think Vintage and Distressed

Well-loved pieces and a lived-in style are at the heart of Boho design. Choose pieces that tell a story of world travels or hidden secrets. Items like Buddha statues, Moroccan lanterns, tribal prints, and far-easter urns add exactly that touch.

Natural and rustic finishes are preferable. Rattan furniture is trending and fits perfectly for Boho chic. Woven hemp plant hangers and throw pillows pair perfectly with a leather footstool.

Consider reminiscing with the free-spirited look of mid-century arc lamps or even a gallery of framed vintage magazine covers.

  1. Color Matters

The bolder the better when it comes to bohemian décor. Whether you want pinks and purples or oranges and greens, deep jewel tones are especially common in creating a comforting “at home” aura.

Don’t forget to include a metallic piece or two. Lanterns hung low add visual interest.

  1. Layer it On

There’s no minimalism when you aim for a bohemian style. Layer several rugs in different styles and patterns to make a statement. Want to punctuate a relaxed style? Pile on cushions and throws.

Layering has the added benefit of concealing less-than-perfect furnishings. For the best visual impact, layer colors, textures, and patterns. Accessorize these with trinkets and treasures from a local antiques store or your travels.


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As always, stay true to what makes the space yours. The ultimate goal in eclectic styling is to create a place where your spirit relaxes, a true retreat. After all, creating a peaceful haven is at the heart of authentic bohemian design.

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