How to set up Throw Pillow Arrangements!


This is my personal favorite arrangement for sofas and sectionals. And I’m basing this on the need for both pretty and practical.

We’ve all seen sofas stacked with lots of elegant, fluffy pillows and they’re gorgeous, right?! But have you ever tried to sit on one of those sofas! There are too many pillows and you end up perched at the edge, sitting on the only remaining sofa space left!

Personally, I like sofas with enough pillows to add character and style, but not so many that there’s no space to sit or no place to move the pillows should you want to make more space for yourself.

Layer Your Pillows

As mentioned above, there are so many ways to group pillows on a sofa. But regardless of the number and size pillows you use, there’s always one rule: Layer!

Layering your pillows means using a variety of sizes for interest.For a regular sofa, you really want three sizes of pillow: large, smaller, and lumber. If your sofa is short, skip the lumbar!

Sofa Throw Pillow Arrangement

While there’s no one-true formula for arranging pillows on a sofa, I’m sharing what works best for me. My favorite is to use a 24″ inch pillow (24″ pillow cover with a 26″ insert) on each end, with a 20″ pillow (20″ pillow cover with a 22″ insert) layered in front. I place a lumbar pillow in the center of the sofa.

 Now depending on the size of your sofa, you could do a 20″ pillow with an 18″ in front.

Throw Pillow Arrangement for a Sectional

For a sectional, I use the same basic arrangement that I do for the arms, but I change up the corner. For the corner, I use a nice large 24″ pillow in the back. I then layer one of the 22″ pillows in front of it (the same pillows that I use on the ends), and then add in a smaller lumbar.

Just like with most “rules” in decorating this is a guideline and you can adjust according to your own personal preference and availability. For instance, you could use a 24″ pillow for the back or replace the small front with a short lumbar pillow.

I vary from my own formula at times just for a change, but I always find the arrangements above are my favorites. You can always view my pillow pair down reels on instagram where I show less is more on the sofa @urbanreleafhome.


Texture includes using a variety of fabrics, like pairing linen with velvet. Finishing details like tassels, beads, flanges, and more go a long way to adding interest.

  • Pair two prints if you’re comfortable mixing patterns
  • Otherwise, pair a print with a textured solid
  • If you choose two solids, make sure they have significantly different textures

I often use a print paired with another print but this is my personal favorite. If this is not your style then pair a print with a solid. Generally, my print is the front, smaller pillow because I think that’s more interesting that having a solid pillow in front. But again, this is personal preference!  Urban Re-Leaf Home has so many colors and styles to choose from including textures.  Plus we are eco friendly in our pillow cover offering.  So take a look.

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